Update Searching for Janet Heather Nicol Hyde

24. September 2020: I have found Heather and some of her family. Inspite several attempts on my part to reach out, they have remained silent. As to why I for the same reason don’t know. It’s very sad and dissapointing, but their choice that I have to respect. At the same time, if they read this and at some point change their minds, I’d still be happy to hear from Heather. Thank you all that cared and try to help!


I have been looking for myself for ages, but haven’t found Heather (that was, what she was called) myself.
Through a page her on fb, and through looking through old letters and diaries I now have all the info possible apart from and adress, phone number or email etc. Here are the detalis obtained:

Janet Heather Nicol Hyde born in Uphall 14 miles from Edinburgh in 26th. August 1964. Her husband is (was?) called Neil Stuart they married in Polmont and Muiravonside 22 miles from Edinburgh, Scotland the 9th. May 1992.

I met Heather when we both lived in Croydon and we became great friends. I even attended her wedding to Neil in Scotland. We are both Leo’s. Her birthday is the 26th. August 1964 and she has a brother called Stuart.

We sent loads of letters and at some point there was some kind of misunderstanding and we lost touch. I obviously hurt her somehow, but don’t know why or how and, that was NOT my intention. It’s a wish to get back in touch and say sorry for whatever….We had loads of fun, and it would be great to be back in touch.

I don’t know where Heather (and possibly Neil ) are, but I’d say London somewhere and they have at least one child born shortly after 22nd. August 1994. Please help me find her.

Please share and if you know anything please send me a pm on facebook or an email! I would love to be able to contact Heather again! It really hasn’t occured to me for reasons unknown, that I could do this entry before. But now I have, so I’m hoping it will be a help in finding her.