Revenge and forgiveness

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People who know me are also aware that Danish film and me are not very good friends. Far from it. Normally I tend to avoid Danish film, like the plauge. And why is that exsactly? Well I’ve asked myself the same question. Mostly because I don’t think the acting is good enough and then there is the tendency that the 5 same actors are in the lead again and again.

And honestly. Although Mads Mikkelsen is a nice looking guy, who does a decent act for the most parts, using him all the time gets tirering. To me anyway. There is very few Danish film, that I like, and I think deserve praise, but if I find reason to praise I’m the first to say so. And that’s not only around films, which I hope my surroundings feel too.

Then I saw the film this morning. For Christmas I got an impressive amount of DVD’s and also some CD’s. Som had to be changed to something else. Som of it was returned and changed into “In A Better World” (2010). It was with some nervousness I did that, but I thought that a Danish Oscar winning film, had to be worthy to to be on my shelve and I hadn’t seen it.

Now I’ve seen it and wow, I’m impressed. As in touched, moved, chocked, repelled and at the same time I can relate to the situations because we all have been if not this far out, so at least felt a touch of the things that are going on here. It’s about forgiveness, the lack of, revenge, grieve, anger, disgust and love.

I don’t want to go into the story too much, or at least I don’t want to reveal what the “plot” is. And if you haven’t seen it, then don’t read too much about it, but let yourself be surprised and thrilled and let it leave you thoughtful as it has me.

To me there’s no doubt that Susanne Bier, has more than deserved her Oscar. The story is masterly told, and has several stories aligned about the human nature.

The story is in short that we follow two Danish families whos lives are intertwined by several events. I can hardly say more without reavealing too much. Both are well of families in a socalled nice inviroment where everything is in place, but beneath the surface there are “cracks in the varnish”. .

Exsactly that is why I’m asking you, if you’ve been in a situation, where you wanted revenge, and even taken it, in a more serious way? We’ve properly all thought about it, but there is mostly a far cry from thought to action.

If you haven’t seen the film, it’s now you leave, as I’m now entering some subjects that are taken up in the film!

Would you have treated Big Man?

Do you understand the other recidents in the refuge camp, when they (presumeably) kill him afterwards?

And do you think it’s common that we get distanced towards our loved ones to this degree, not least if we are in a crises ourselves?

Please tell me your thoughts about revenge and forgiveness! Personally I belive that forgiveness is one of the most important things both for yourself but also for the ones, you have to forgive. Share your thoughts!