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Warren Hill, Monday 8th. September 2014

Se indlægget på dansk nedenfor!

I’ve landed at home, and have even seen “my” own little Frankel at the stables today, which was lovely. But I am tired like approximately 3 retirement homes, so a good thing, there’s no racing this week at Klampenborg Racecourse.

This entry is not as much going over the trip as such, that’ll come but just to give you a bit of a teaser, and most of all to say thank you to everyone for making my trip lovely. The only downside of it was that due to phone problems, I didn’t get to meet up with lovely friends who live over there. I’m putting my hopes in the next trip to Newmarket – as there’s most certainly going to be one.

I met so many lovely people on my trip going there, being there and going home. People are really friendly so here goes: Ayisha & Sofie, from Stanstead, London, Jay from Lincoln, Clive Brittian, Ross (head lad for Godolphin Staples), and the lady who made me aware of the beautiful sunrise from the get go (trainer?), all the riders at Warren Hill and Long Hill for being friendly and asking about my photos, The lovely two couples at Stanstead Airport, who made my wait more enjoyable, the lovely guy standing in que going to France from Marocco and the helpful staff at the airport, when I made a fool of myself (more about that later).

Also a huge thanks to Jean who managed to meet up with Sue and I at the Horse Racing Museum’s Cafe, and Sue for driving up, and also a huge thanks to Katherine from Juddmonte for helping me figure out the booking and stuff for the Frankel Tour and the lovely guides at Banstead Manor.

Last but not least a huge thank you to my lovely, lovely host Linda at Sandhurst B&B and her husband for being wonderful people and perfect hosts. They have now made two trips perfect and I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else. I can only be thankful for a lovely trip and meeting such lovely people. If I have forgotten anyone (I pray to God, I haven’t) in my “senile” state of mind, it’s far from on purpose More to follow.

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