End of the road?

I’m wondering, have I reached the end of the road as far as finding out about my ancestors (at least on my biological father side). I fear I have. Last I tried something it ended up in nothing – again. I have two remote posibilities left to try, and I will give them a go, but I don’t have much hope of it succeeding I must say.

In terms of my biological mothers family, I can’t get any closer before they sort out their archives in Berlin, which won’t be until 2013!!! I fail to see how you can let people wait that long for something so important. In this case it’s a matter of their death certificates. I’ve written to their native country Poland, only to get no answer. So where to turn. Of course if I had bucketloads of money I’d throw them at a professioal genaologist – but I haven’t unfortunately.

There’s NO Robert Jones registred with the millitary that they can find, that fits the data I have. I have NO clue as to where to look at all, as he could be from anywhere in the US. I only have a very common name and a birthdate. Not much to go on! I have written whereever I thought relevant, to ask if they had information, and in many cases people don’t even respond. I simply don’t know where to turn next. I have (with the opening of the 1940’s Census) found bunches of Robert Jones’s, but I have nothing to check up against to know if they’re him. So imagine sitting there looking at all these records and each and almost (the one’s that are black anyway and born the right date) all of them, could be him! Frustrating to say the least. It’s food for thought as well when you see these photos. I wonder what lies in my ancetrial baggage.

As far as my mothers parents, and that side of the family, I’ll have to wait – simply wait, but it feels like one long wait. You who have tried this are with me on this I’m sure. And as far as my biological dad goes – I’ve more or less given up. Unless I get help from unexpected people, win the lottery or something similar.

So if you have any suggestions, ideas whatsoever, please come forward. Or if you of course know of a Robert Jones born the 24th. April 1928 (African-American), who was in Berlin, Germany, Europe, at least in 1961, possibly before and after as well. Please get in touch.


Vigtigt brev til 83 kr.!!!

Ved du, hvad det koster at sende et anbefalet brev? Okay godt nok til Tyskland, men alligevel. 83 kr. koster det nu. Det var et helt almindeligt brev, i helt almindelig størrelse. Nothing fancy. De påstod på posthuset, at taksten for det anbefalede ikke var steget – det var de 72,- kr., men at det var portoen, der var. Ja det kommer mig for. Rip-off siger jeg bare!!

Nå, men det her var et vigtigt brev. Til en mand, der potentielt kan være min biologiske far. Jeg sætter ikke næsen højt efter noget. Nu har jeg ledt i SÅ mange år efter ham, så det virker helt hysterisk, at det skulle være ham, jeg fandt ved bare at kigge i den berlinske telefonbog. Men så igen, det kan jo være. Så det er altså lidt spændende. Det skulle være fremme efter 2 hverdage, så det er snart, jeg forhåbentlig ved noget. Hvis han vel og mærke svarer. Det har jeg bedt ham gøre uanset, men det er jo ikke sikkert han gør.