Dad’s, mum’s among others sins, leave their trace – Stop!

Christmas and New Years is often used to make status regarding a lot of things, and this is the case here too. Also about the subject of adoption and that kind of issues. For me personally of course it’s adoption, but the “being left” part dosen’t need to have the label of adoption on it. This is a bit of a long entry, but I hope you stick with me till the end.

Most of those who read my blog knows that I’m adopted. It has never been a secret, on the contrary. You could argue, that with white parents and me being mulatto, some sort of explanation was needed anyway. but I hope and firmly believe that I’d gotten one even if that hadn’t been the case. I have been told the story about how I became their daughter as long as I can remember. That’s the way it should be. Not when the child is a teenager (a way to sensitive age), or when the child is 18 (way too late). You have a right to know where you come from, and you should know as early as possible.

When that is said, I’m not saying, that there can’t be details that children don’t need to hear before they get older. But as far as they ask, they should have an answer that isn’t a lie. If they can “invent” the question, they can properly deal with the answer. That has to be a judgement call but the answer should be as near t the truth as you think is “proper”.

The reasons for me writing this entry is, that I had some answers in my adoptionstory in the year that passed and gerally just thoughts I have had on the subject. Unfortunately, none very good I’ll have to say. But the one answer might explain the other. That I’ll never know, I’m sorry to say. Not on this planet anyhow. One was that I as a last attempt tried writing my biological sister to make sure, she was adiment that she don’t want any contact. She is unfortunately and she’s not going to answer my questions either, but is still of the oppinion that “the past should rest”.

I don’t think so. It’s part of us, men there’s nothing I can do. Later I did get some information, which is part of her past as well, that might explain, why she think it should “rest”. There is a lot Germans think needs to rest and which they are not prould, especillay in connection with 2nd. World War – then I havne’t said too much and you can properly fill out the spaces. But this information is also part of my past, as it’s also my ancestors. Unfortunately I have only found this one information about this in one place and I still need to fill out a lot of blancks. If they’re going to be, I don’t know but I’m still currious. I must admit, I have a hard time believing in finding more information, as there’s not any family or others I can ask. The only thing I can rely on is goverment archives in different places. They are either lacking or defective, or not obtainable or simply lost in the chaos that followd in Germany and other places after a long war.

What should be the conclusion of this, I don’t know. Whatever the reason I can’t make any sense of it. The few times I’ve written to her, she has answered nicely, but has also been very firm in her believe about no contact. I don’t understand, why she’s reacting like this. As I see it, she has nothing to loose. But that’s the way it is. I make no secret of that I feel bad about it. No matter how you look at it, it’s a rejection and that’s never nice. It is only made worse of the fact that I don’t have any other family on that side, as my biological mother passed years back and as far as I know, there isn’t any other family. If there is any relatives from siblings of my biological mothers parents I don’t know. That was one of the questions for my biological sister.

That was a little about the personal side of things. The next I next, was what I really wanted to say with this entry. As most of you know I watch “Sporløs” and I’m almost equally touched every time (and before you ask, yes I have been in touch with them). Another programme series, I’ve started to follow is called “Meldt Savnet” (missing) in Danish and in English “The Locater”, and is sent on the ID channel, but very early in the morning, so normally I record it. I had heard of Troy Dunn (The Locater) earlier, and he is also a possiblity in the businees of finding my biological father potentielly, if what’s going on at present is not succesful. I was very close to writing him, when I had contact to then one helping me now. If anything comes of it, I doubt, but let’s see.

But to stay “on track” I’ve been watching these programmes. Troy Dunn finds missing familymembers in them. When I say family memebers it can be sisters, brothers, daughters, mothers, fathers etc.

After I have seen quite a large number of them, I’m totally in chock over what “well meaning” mothers, fathers, grand parents etc. often do to part children from their mums or dads. Very, very often these parents have been portraitet as bad parents who is not worth knowing, if they have not been lied dead or supposedly chosen to dissapear, when it was actually themselves who refused them access to their own child.

Left behind is children with broken hearts who dosen’t understand and who often feel it’s their fault, that they are left behind. who often feel it’s their fault that they were left behind. Why are you letting your own child down and don’t want to see it?? Children can’t process it or understand, and they yearn for an explanation. We see it adopted children, but here we are also talking about children, who as mentioned above, were separated from their pareents (that could be mother or father or both). How do you in even relatively moderne times, get to a point where you can be that selfish, is beyound me. Very often it has been grandparents who has been pulling the strings and who obviously dominate their children to some awful decissions. It has to be said that these programmes is in USA, where the system is very different. Partly as far as adoption goes but also in terms of it’s far easier to dissapear. But there is lesson in this for all.

Whatever you think of your son/daughter-in-law, ex-husband/wife, the child in this “game” needs contact with her father, mother etc. Maybe you didn’t get along, for whatever reason. Unless there are very serious reasons (addiction, abuse etc.) that the child dosen’t want to get involved. Anyhow when adult it should have the oppertunity to make up it’s own mind. And you can in as neutral a way as possoble tell the truth before and say, that if they still want to, the contact can be made later. Apart from harming the child and the left out parent with the lies, there’s also the risk that you “shoot yourself in the foot”. If I fould out that one of my parents had been lying about the other my whole life and intentionally has kept me from him, I know who I would blame! So for God’s sake don’t. It’s not your decission, but one you have to make yourself with all the information.

Unfortunately there is parents who for reasons beyond me, don’t want to see their children. I have to be honest and say, my heart bleeds for the children, but in a sense, they might be better of without them. They’ll have to deal with that there’s a lot we don’t understand and live with it.

In terms of adoption, I also have to say, it most certainly has to be a last option. In civilised countries, there are reasons as drugs, drink and mental illness or simply illness, but it has to be a last and only resort. Here we haven’t event mentioned the things that are into play, when we’re talking about Undeveloped countries. Thank you if you stayed with me this far, and of course feel free to give me your take on it below.

Lidt om at søge/A bit about seaching

Som jeg har sagt før, så er jeg noget opgivende omkring hele det her søgeprojekt. Jeg havde sat mit håb til en hjælper, som gør alt hvad hun kan, med den viden, hun har og de kontakter der er. Problemet er manglen på information. Jeg har næsten ingen, og den jeg har, er enten mangelfuld eller direkte forkert, for intet stemmer, eller også stemmer det for godt. Dermed ment, at der er en million (mindst) med samme navn, som min biologiske far.

Så det giver lige så mange muligheder. Fødselsdagen og året som jeg også har, ser ikke ud til at stemme heller, og hvad er chancen så. Selv de erfarne mennesker, og organisationer, der har været involveret er kommet op med ingenting, og jeg begynder at tro, at det ikke er meningen, at jeg skal finde min biologiske far.

Der er dog en mulighed, jeg ikke har prøvet, og som jeg faktisk overvejer og det er en DNA test. Den lyver i det mindste ikke, og så vidt jeg kan se, er det den eneste mulighed, jeg sådan reelt har tilbage. Kommer den så heller ikke op med noget, så tror jeg, at jeg bare dropper det.

Derudover er der hele sagen omkring min biologiske mor. Jeg ved, hvem hun er, og det store linier, men hvad med alle detaljerne – hvem var hun som person, hvad kunne hun lide, hvad med resten af familien – ikke mindst min biologiske mormor, som jo levede til starten af 70’erne. Hvem skal give mig oplysning om hende? Der er kun en, der kan gøre det, og det er min biologiske søster i Berlin.

Spørgsmålet er så, hvad kommer først, og hvad vægter mest (ikke at det er en konkurrence), men alligevel – hensynet til hendes følelser eller mine. Har jeg ret til de oplysninger på trods af hendes ønske om at være i fred, eller? Jo jeg synes jo, det er min ret, at kende min historie/familie, men… det er svært. Lige nu, er jeg mest tilbøjelig til at “kaste håndklædet i ringen” og bare droppe det hele. Selvfølgelig ikke den information, jeg kan få via diverse offentlige arkiver – der ventes på noget så simpelt som dødsattester på mine bedsteforældre stadig. Når de kommer, så er der udfyldt et hul mere, men det er godt nok en langhåret affære.

Jeg hører gerne dine tanker omkring det.

In English:

As I’ve said before, I’m sort of giving up on the whole searching project. I had put my hopes in a helper, who is doing everything she can, with the knowledge, and contacts she’s got. The problem is the lack of information. I hardly have any and the one I got is limited or incorrect, as nothing seems to fit or fitting too well. Meaning there is a million (at least) with the same name as my biological dad.

So that gives me at least as many possibilities. The birthday and year dosen’t seem to be right either
and what are the chances then. Even the proffessional people and organisations, I’ve been in touch with has come up empty and I’m starting to think, I’m not meant to find my biological dad.

There is one possibility I haven’t tried and which I’m contemplating at the moment, and that’s a DNA test. It’s not going to lie at least, and as far as I can see, it’s the only possibility I really have left. If it comes up with nothing, I think I’m just going to leave it.

Then there is the whole business about my biological mother. I know who she is and the overall picture but what about all the details – who was she as a person, what did she like, what about the rest of the family not least my biological grandmother, who lived til the beginning of the 70’s. Who is going to give me information about her? There is only one who can, and that’s my biological sister in Berlin.

The question is, what weighs in the most (not that it’s a competition), but still – the consideration for her feelings or mine? Am I intiteled to these informations inspite her wish to be left alone or? Yes I think it’s my right to know my history/family, but…. it’s difficult. Right now I’m more for just “throwing in the towel” and drop the whole thing. Of course not the information, I can get through the official archives – still waiting for something as simple as deathcertificates on my grandparents. When they arrive it’ll be another hole filled out, but it’s a “hairy” affaire.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Ruling him in or out

We’re back to the good same old, same old question about my biological father. I have found one I’m hoping is him, but with more information also comes more questions. Is it possible to be enlisted in the Navy from 1945-1946 (Wounded in action) and then re-enlist as something else? The he would pop up as something else as well then?

And since my mother met “her” Robert in 1961 in Berlin, something is not right with this guy. Then there is another fellow, who also fit the describtion as far as name and birthday goes. So now I’ve written to my helper, and asked again what he think we should do. Like I said recently. I’m about to give up on the whole thing.

The answer my friend…..

is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind! That lyric and melody has been at it all morning in my head. I’ve seen “Do you know who you are”? and again I’ve followed a celebrity’s search for their familys roots. As always very exciting, although this particular story wasn’t the most facinating I’ve seen. Never the less these programmes always generate thoughts about my own situation out in this “circus”. Weird term to use, but that’s what I feel it has become. It’s almost everwhere I turn, that I bang my head against a wall after a very short amount of time. It’s becomming tiresome – very! If only one side of the family would be succesful, but it seem they’re both determind to be very uncoporative.

When that is said I also believe, that there’s a mening to everything. So I’ll get, what I’m suppose to, no more no less. But no-one can say I took it lying down. I gave as good as I got with those ancestors and autorithies not least. Along the way I’m trying to come to terms with, that I might never get the answers/reults that I want.

Where I’m banging my head agains the wall in terms of my biological mothers familiy is, that before a certain time (of course concerning my grandparents) simply wasnt’ any records in many cases. Poland was not to long a go almost a developing country. You tend to forget that, but none the less that makes that side of things complicated. What I can do, I’m not sure. Write the authorites has been done, but I have heard nothing. So I’m thinking in terms of this that I want to write some Danish/Polish society’s and hear them what to do, and if anyone can help. Likewise I’ve had good expiriences before in writing the Danish Embassey in Berlin, so I’m thinking I’ll try the same in Poland.

One thing is that Poland is complicated, but that Germany is almost the same sometimes is another matter. I’ve been searching for 20 years now approxmately and I have not yet found a ckear way to go about it. There’s not communication between offices and you’re shuffed from one to the other in a wild goosechase. Very tireing and not least frustrating. It takes determind stammina and patience. A lot of it! when that is said, if you continue, you can get lucky and I have been in some cases. It’s not all despair, but easy – no it’s not.

Now the new thing is that they are rearranging archives in Berlin, and that’s the reason why they can’t tell me if they have the deathcertificates for my grandparents, as they must have. Now I have to write the Embassey to hear if it can be true, that I have to wait until 2013, when they finish. I don’t understand if that’s the case.

In terms of my biological father, it’s the same problems as always and by now I’ve almost given up on it ever succeding. If he is alive he is very old and it’s the same “song” I keep running into. They need more information. Fine, but haven’t got it. Now I’ve gotten a private charity involved, and we’ll have to see. It’s easy enough to come up with a Robert Jones in serch engines and even one with the right birthday and year, but I have to have something to compare it to – was he black, was he in the millitary in Berlin etc. Otherwise itt’s useless information. And that’s what makes it so difficult.

I have a telvision show I can write if they still take in new problems. I’d rather avoided that as I have no wish for that kind of publicity, but if it can give me some answers, so be it. And even if I write them, I’m far from sure, they’ll take my story or they can even find out anything either. But let’s see, but that’s where we are right now. So as you can see Ii have “a couple” of mails that has to be written on top of everything else. The photo is from yesterday.